Yes, we have finally have came to an decision that we will be offering ID57 TV, Lifestyle TV along with Club57 TV.


All these 3 app will have Mobile version and Android TV versions. PLUS a surprise Club57 Kids TV App (coming soon). So technically it is 4 apps for the price of 1.


So what is the difference in these 3 apps ?



Club57 TV:

It is exactly like ID57 TV just that it will not have  C57X groups of movies and series. It also won’t have much Exclusive Live TV channels like ID57 TV. And also during an update, the app will have restrictions and probably will be not available for upto 7 days.


Download Club57 TV for mobile from gogoleplay at here


Download Club57TV for Android TV, TV Stick, TV BOX, Firestick here



Lifestyle TV:

Its totally for your family. To watch with your family. No adult contents. You can install the TV app on your family  TV and leave it for the whole family to watch the latest movies. During this pandemic, while we all stays at home, why not have something better than Netflix and Prime Amazon when it comes to latest movies for the whole family. And also during an update, the app will have restrictions and probably will be not available for up to 7 days.


Download Lifestyle TV for Android Mobile Version from google play at here


Download LIFESTYLE TV for Android TV, TV Stick, TV BOX, Firestick here



ID57 TV:

This is our EXCLUSIVE in-house app. It contains all the movies from both the apps, PLUS much more. You need to download it and install it separately.  It does not have google play auto installer. But this is the best app so far on the market. You can NEVER get such app at all ANYWHERE. It have lots of exclusive Tv channels and lots of C57X Movies and Series. We will be also obtaining more exclusive Live TV channels and aim to contract atleast 15 Exclusive LIVE TV channels by end of June. And during upgrade or update, this app will always stays. It wont’ have any restrictions.


Download ID57 TV for Android Mobile Version from here


Download ID57 TV for TV, Firestick , TV box TV Stick, MI Stick  from here



Who are Eligible:

Except One day test drive members, it applicable to all paid members. Members MUST have put an 5 star review in googleplay to get this entitlement. Why would you need all these additional apps if you don’t enjoy the app right? So why not put an review? Trial and Test drive paid members are not eligible. It is only applicable to members who subscribed after 16th of May 2021.




How to go about this:

Once you become a Prime member of Club57 TV,

1. Ensure you have a USER NAME in your profile.

2. Ensure you have the same username in lifestyle TV and also in ID57 TV. as in Club57 TV .

3. Email us your transaction slip or screen shot and a snapshot of your 5 star review in googleplay.

4. Indicate your username. and we will upgrade you in the Lifestyle TV and ID57 TV.

It can take up to 12 to 24 hours to upgrade you in the other 2 apps as our membership base of paid members reaching 15,000 and above. It might takes us sometime to attend.



Having difficulty in paying:

We have few methods of payment.

  1. Simply send the funds thru PayPal. Not thru the app.

  2. Use Gpay to pay

  3. We also have desktop / laptop version of our app where you can pay thru your browser if your mobile is acting weird or not passing the security check.

Just email us at for more details.