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Club57 TV main aim is to promote world audience to non English ROYALTY FREE TV channels, movies and TV serials which are under appreciated for their art work and dedications in producing contents which should be given applauded.

The app functions:
* Cast the contents to your big screen/ Televisions.
* Download contents to watch offline.
* Subtitles supported ( if available )
* Multi source contents

We DO NOT CHARGE any fee to watch all these channels.

Give a go, Give a try. If any channels is not playable, give it another try few hours later or mail us at clubid57@gmail.com regarding the invalid channels

We added streaming movies and TV serials And it is all FREE.
All Live TV are from 16 major countries from Russia, Europe, America, Indonesia, France, Germany, Singapore and many more..

All these channels are collected from their stream test link and we did not infringe any copyright of the channels. Infact we give FREE PROMOTIONS and royalty and free outreach to the world where their channels are not reachable through to public in their countries.

Contact clubid57@gmail.com should you need any further assistance

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