When we start to give all for free , members complain this movie is not there and that movies not there and put 1 star review. Members who appreciate just kept quiet and never gave any good reviews.


So we decide to controlled some movies paid and they complain by giving 1 star review and saying it is paid and not for free,.


So we decided to make all for paid and we start to get good reviews from paid members.


Now we deicide to give around 1000 over movies for free, again there is a member from Turkey called – BİR GÖZ AT ( sounds like BIG GOAT) again put 1 star review complaining its paid.


Even we give 1000 over movies for free and some only for paid, some unappreciative illiterates like this guy from Turkey complains it is paid and not free. DUH!! Such a FREE LOADER who don’t appreciate those free stuffs we gave. Such a loser. Even those who get and benefit free are not posting any good reviews or show appreciation. Only the paid members are appreciating and giving good 5 star reviews. To cut the damage at the root, once again we have stopped all free movies.


So blame this on yourself, free members. Many of you don’t appreciate and even have the cheek to post 1 star review. To get back free movies, it depends on the free members appreciations. We only allow 10 new movies each moth for free as SAMPLES for you to try and will see if you appreciate or we continue to get bad review like some illiterates who never read the app description before downloading.


We never said this is free app. Read the description. If we give all for free what we earn? You want all for free?  Why don’t you work or do business for free and don’t earn anything? Why get paid for the work you do? WORK FOR FREE , why ask salary or get profits?


These type of members will even put 1 star reviews to Amazon Prime and Netflix whining it is paid and not free behind their mothers skirts.